Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Reviewing the Tory Ad

I have been meaning to comment on this Conservative Party TV ad.

Here's the comment: it stinks.

First of all, does anybody really believe regular Canadian voters go around talking in Tory-approved "talking points."

Second of all, this ad is striving to do the impossible: make Stephen Harper look cuddly.

A better and more honest ad would say something like, "My name is Stephen Harper. I know you don't like me very much, but you would like Stephane Dion even less."

Also check out Rondi Adamson's take on this ad.


Ron said...

I think the Ad is Great.
It is far better than the previous negative Ads.
Hey Nicholls did you get out of the wrong side of the bed this morning?

KURSK said...

Well, damned if you do, damned if you don't...

Anonymous said...

Different ads work differently depending on the individual watching. That is why billions are spent on advertisement yearly to target specific markets. "Attack" ads work because a segment of the population responds to them. "Warm and cuddly" ads work because a different sector responds to them. To call either bad, or dull or whatever misses the point. If you don't like the ad, chances are you weren't the intended recepient. Enjoy the ones you like and channel surf through the ones targeted to the "warm and cuddly" groups. I think it is a great ad for the simple reason it gets lots of airplay and doesn't have the media screaming "attack".

Anonymous said...

I just hope that young, female "first time voter" actually realizes that she would have to live in Harper's constituency to "vote for Stephen Harper"?

Or perhaps the Tories have decided to copycat the winning campaign strategy followed by Ontario Premier Wannabee John Tory's brilliant team - EVERY federal CPC election candidate will become but one of the "Your Stephen Harper Candidate" collective, so EVERY voter will think they can actually vote for Stephen Harper??

Anonymous said...

The ad is fine, far better than the ill advised oil splotch ads or the Dion bashing ads.
It's not gimmicky, it's straight up.
The CPC communications situation has been a disaster, this is a very positive step in the right direction.
Who was it that wanted all the anti Dion ads? Dion is a God send to the CPC, he's beatable, why would you want to replace him?
And more importantly the anti Dion ads blame everything on Dion, not the liberal party.
They should be branding the liberals with every bad thing they can, not Dion.
If you blame everything on Dion, what happens when the liberals get rid of him?
The negative ads should focus on the liberals, not Dion. You might get some short term gain out of blaming Dion, but in the long run it's a poor strategy.
Brand the liberals as corrupt and inept and it doesn't matter which leader they have.


Anonymous said...

i think the ads show that many of the small business people who were in the ads believe in PM Harper and trust him
i was 1 of them

Anonymous said...

I agree with Rick. I am a small businessman and I trust Mr Harper to look after my best interests. He has done very well by me so far.

And as an aside, I have used your so-called "talking points" when describing our Prime Minister.

CPC majority in '08!

Anonymous said...

I just wish I could keep my shirt that clean at the playgound with that much sand and dust and kids and snot.

You smile like that on a day that dry looking and you have to floss sand out for a week.

Otherwise its a good ad...

Joanne (True Blue) said...

I don't disagree with you very often, Gerry, but I strongly disagree now.

This new ad is fantastic. I would love to see more positive ads.

I've heard nothing but great reviews on this until now.