Saturday, September 27, 2008

Harper and the Gag Law

The Calgary Herald has an excellent editorial today on an issue no one seems to be discussing much: the election gag law.

Key paragraph from the editorial:

Prime Minister Stephen Harper was himself a victim of it during his time as president of the National Citizens Coalition.

In those days, he was highly vocal on the subject, and conservatives had great expectations this heavy-handed restriction to free speech would be among the first pieces of legislative nonsense on his hit list.

We will assume he was waiting for a majority, as none of the opposition parties are anxious to extend citizen participation and therefore support the law. We will also assume that if he gets it, he will scrap the law.

It would be good to hear him say so, though.

Yes it would be good.


Anonymous said...

The gag law should be recinded immediately especially if the Conservatives get a majority. Even with a strong minority they should move to cancel this loney legislation.

Anonymous said...

gag law... I guess these law makers have never heard of the internet...that new thing that countries like China seems to spend more time editing then actually surfing...