Saturday, September 06, 2008

Mary Poppins Ads Must Go

Here's the problem with the latest Tory cutesy-wutesy TV ads: they don't make any political sense.

That's not to say positive ads never make sense.

A guy like Ronald Reagan could use them effectively because they reflected his image as a optimistic and likable leader.

But Harper is no Reagan.

Like it or not, Stephen Harper is widely perceived as a cold, calculating, bully.

It might not be true, but in politics perception is reality.

And airing a bunch of ads with Harper in a sweater talking about motherhood issues, isn't going to change that reality.

The Liberals, if they any political intelligence at all, (which is debatable) will capitalize on this perception and let loose a stream of super-negative attack ads which will portray Harper as a cross between Genghis Khan, Mike Tyson and Simon Cowell.

Since such attack ads will play to an already existing perception they will resonate with voters.

That's why I suspect once the election is truly underway the Tories will drop the Mary Poppins routine and slip on the brass knuckles.

In fact, Liberal leader Stephane Dion is much more vulnerable than Harper when it comes to negative perceptions.

Canadians view him as a wimp.

Why a wimp?

Because Tory attack ads defined him that way.

In other words, both parties have good solid strategic reasons to go negative.

Should be a fun election.


Anonymous said...

"cold calculating bully" label has been put out by the media.
But who is doing the 'perceiving'?
I guess you see what you want to see eh Gerry?
Does it ever occur to you that if the CPC MP's had a problem with PMSH they would be speaking out and getting out.Your perception is that they are muzzled. My perception is that those working closest to him trust his leadership.

Anonymous said...

Your drivel should stop. All of your political comment is at best opinion. Never do you back up your opinion with any facts whatsoever.

Iain G. Foulds said...

... Bullies and wimps.
... Gerry, take some time off. You've lost your purpose in life.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday you posted that Harper's positive ads are for people who have the luxury of the lead when in fact polls were coming out the very same day saying just that...May I suggest you read a few headlines (Bourque is good) before you post?

Harper is courting the soccermoms right now just like Sarah Palin simultaneously made millions of real men "schwing" this week.

Take your Joe Clark glasses on Gerry and enjoy the ride to majority land...Or maybe you're uncomfortable with that?

Posted by: Grind a Grit

Anonymous said...

Harper is the one who's fledgling party now sits in power, I think I'll trust the Cons to decide what works Gerry.

Platty said...

Has Nicholls ever responded to a comment on his blog?


Anonymous said...

Down in the fever swamps Dion's seen as very uncharismatic among even the staunchest liberal supporters. They of course see Stephen Harper in much the same light but these aren't swing voters so who cares. The swing voters prefer Harper.

Anonymous said...

Please show Harper overwhelmed with kittens as his wife brings more in...more humour please!

And why don't they show him in his old high school in Etobicoke Richview High School as he walks up to the convenience store or something - I speak as a fellow grad of Richview - go Scarlett and Gold!

Anonymous said...

I agree with all of the above comments.PM HARPER rocks in that sweater.And yes the MSM made Harper a mean person,not the people of Canada.Get some comments from world leaders and regular Canadians who have met PM Harper, and ask them what type of person PM Harper is.My guess outstanding and trustworthy will come up every time.Those ADS are good Gerry.


James said...

I thought the Conservative self-attack ads were rather unclever, with Harper portrayed as a black oilspot lecturing the idiot masses.