Friday, September 05, 2008

Tory Pre-election Spending

Glad to see the Canadian Taxpayers Federation bashing the Conservative government for its Liberal-style pre-election spending spree.

Taking on the Tories like that takes courage as the PMO doesn't take kindly to any sort of criticism.

But that's the kind of courage the conservative movement needs right now.


dejrabel said...

yeah it takes a lot, a whole lot of courage. cause stephen will put him in a gulag if he gets elected dictator.....Ok well the Ford Plant announcement that everyone is calling pork barrel pre election spending was in the budget so really it is just a reannouncement with specifics.

and I'm hope he is happy with the result if he helps get in another party because we know that there is fiscal prudence is what the other parties are all about.

Sure the conservatives need to be criticized 4 big spending but is bashing them on the eve of an election going to help the taxpaywer's cause? If one less person votes Tory it is one more step to the largest Tax hike in Canadian History, the Green be a bit stategic in acheiving your goals rather than a bull in a china shop.

Anonymous said...

The Ford announcement is hardly "spending".

Fact: it is a Loan

Anonymous said...

The taxpayer federation would do us a far bigger favor by pointing out the billions we spend yearly on failed Liberal social programs that continue to suck up spending while doing nothing but employing civil servants to accomplish squat.
I've lost alot of faith in the taxpayers federation over the last few yrs.
What they call a spending spree is just getting the previously announced finalized before an election along with a LOAN.