Monday, September 22, 2008

Election Review

OK let's review what's gone on so far during the 2008 federal election:

* The Prime Minister of Canada apologizes for a defecating puffin.

* The Liberal leader who had branded himself a "green" champion doesn't want to talk about his major "green" campaign plank. (Oh wait, it was the media who called it a "major" plank.)

* The Agriculture Minister tries out a little shock jock humour and gets bad reviews.

* The NDP campaign resembles Bill and Ted's Excellent adventure.

* A Conservative candidate resigns, apparently for espousing conservative ideas.

* Bob Rae is using this election to audition for the next Liberal leadership race.

I can't wait to see what happens next.


treb said...

What happens is a miracle.The libs tell a truth by mistake and it costs them the election.

Anonymous said...

More proof that in Canada, the election is not much more than an ottawa press gallery drunken roadtrip.

Planks smplank.

Promises shmromises.

All gaffe all the time the PPG says! Tee, frikin' hee.

Monkey Loves to Fight said...

The Conservative candidate who resigned I would hardly describe as having mainstream views. True on human rights commissions his views are pretty widely held and there is a fair amount of opposition to those especially of late. In fact I believe one of the founders of them argued to do away with them since they operate totally different than he envisioned. On the Natives, his opinions although common are more ignorant and ones I might expect from some average person on the street, but not from a politician. Politics is not for your average person, but people who are knowledgeable on the issues. They don't have to be necessarily smarter than your average person IQ wise, but need to be more knowledgeable.

On the concealed weapon part though, this is an American conservative idea, not a conservative one anywhere else. The right to keep and bear arms is not one that is widely held elsewhere. John Howard and Margaret Thatcher who I know you admire Gerry were in fact strong supporters of tough gun laws. In addition the evidence shows that lax gun laws mean more not less crime. You don't necessarily need to ban them outright like Britain has, but it should be restricted to very limited use as in Canada. The United States, which is the only developed country I know of that allows one to carry a concealed weapon has by far the highest murder rate of any developed country.