Monday, September 15, 2008

Caldwell on The Leader

Theo Caldwell has an excellent column in today's National Post, lamenting the Conservative Party's lack of conservatism.

A couple of key quotes:

"Harper is probably the best leader on offer but, as comedian Dennis Miller might opine, that is like being the smartest kid in summer school."

"If Harper does have a hidden agenda, as his detractors claim, it is hidden even from those who would be his supporters."


rondi adamson said...

He stole your bit!!

Ontario Girl said...

Talk about scrapping the bottom of the barrel reporting. Think you need to face facts. PMSH is going to get a majority and the hidden agenda card was played in the last election....didn't work then & won't work now. Any relation to Danny Millions?

Anonymous said...

I know this is off topic but the summer school comment set me off. Summer school is a much more viable option then actually dealing with Canadian school system, I always found that doing the same work over two months that the rest of the suckers did over 10 months was brilliant on my part...which in turn resulted in finishing many grade 12 courses by the end of my grade 10 summer.

Anonymous said...

When it comes to the hidden agenda, it just so happens that the Lieberals have historically been the party of the hidden agenda. The most egregious examples that come to mind are Official Bilingualism = Frenchification = Battle of the Plains of Abraham, Round 2 and wage and price controls both under commie PM Trudeau.

For the Lieberals to accuse the Conservatives of hidden agendas is to hypodritically resort to the device of projection.