Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Star goes to bat for Dion, sort of

You know the Liberals and Stephane Dion are in trouble when even the Toronto Star has a hard time coming up with nice things to say about them.

Here from today's Star editorial is how the paper describes Dion's Green Shift plan: "Dion's plan may be complex, but it is credible and modestly energetic. It can't be dismissed out of hand."

"Credible", "modestly energetic", "can't be dismissed out of hand".

High praise indeed.


Anonymous said...

That's OK - he's got the CBC shilling for him. Geesh - I never watch that crap, but I am staying at my daughters and apparently, they like watching it.

I am appalled at how it is all liberals all the time - mostly about the arts cuts - but of course, given the annoucement yesterday that Stephen Harper is going to eat the young offenders for breakfast, they have the usual parade of hug a thug lefty "experts" there to tell the host - and all the left wing voters - how this will lead to more "mentoring" of young criminals.

I thought to myself as I was listening, that if I had only CBC to watch - I would HATE HARPER too!!

Anonymous said...

Well, by comparison to what columnists at other media chains are saying, that is exceptionally high praise. Hell, even uber Liberal Jeffy Simpson over at the G&M said Dion's plan is "full of holes". I now fully expect the Star to start coming out in even greater biased force than usual against the Conservatives, in one valiant hail mary effort to prop up their failing team.

Anonymous said...

I've noticed the Star has Dion on the front page all the time--he's kind of their "sunshine" boy.