Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Quidditch Anyone?

Here's me standing in front of Trinity College at the University of Toronto. My son is living in residence there and I got a chance to check it out on Labour Day.

It's pretty cool, very British, very traditional -- kind of like Hogwarts.

Actually, I will miss my son when he's away, because he's the only guy around here who knew how to operate a computer.


Kirk West said...

Hey Gerry!

Is that a tape measure on your belt, or are you sporting a cell phone from the stone age?

Gerry Nicholls said...


Here's the story: about four months ago, I was losing my cell phone on a weekly basis.

So my wife forced me to buy this bulky, geeky case that is all buckles and snaps, making it impossible to fall off my belt.

It worked, I don't lose my phone anymore, but I just look like I am from the stone age.

nbt said...

Trinity and Mount Allison are definitely great small schools to get a start on your career. They're both always ranked high in the Macleans rankings.