Monday, September 08, 2008

Reviewing the Tory Ad Part 2

OK just as I was hoping the Conservative Party has unleashed some anti-Dion attack ads.

I hope this means no more sugary stuff.

Anyway, of the new ads, I like this one the best.

It's funny, it hits all the right buttons, has interesting visuals and as an added bonus subtly takes a poke at one of Dion's biggest weaknesses: His poor English.

Only fault is the ad tries to say too much -- but then again the Dion-led Liberals offer so many juicy targets.

Also interesting is how the Tories are using the same "don't take a risk" strategy as the Liberals used against them in the last election.


nbt said...

I noticed they didn't allow him to finish his "very seriously, a carbon tax..." line. By doing that, it not only reminds voters how bad his carbon tax plan is, it outlines his penchant for talking in half sentences. Which turns voters off.

Anonymous said...

And dont forget...Friends dont let friends vote Liberal...