Friday, September 12, 2008

Debating the Debate

My friend Kirk argued on his blog recently that Green Party leader Elizabeth May has no business being included in the leadership debate.

But like it or not, she will be there with all the other guys to make sure an already unwieldy format is even more unwieldy.

But since the ice is broken, why shouldn't other important political figures have a chance to join the debate?

Here's a list of who I think should definitely be invited:

* Stephane Dion’s dog

* A Puffin

* Sarah Palin’s pregnant daughter

* That talking oil stain from the recent Tory attack ads.

* A sweater vest

* Kim Jong Il

* Bob Rae (so he can get some practice being Liberal leader)

* A lipstick wearing pig

1 comment:

Lore_Weaver said...

I think William Shatner should moderate!

Poor Paikin (sp?) needs a break.