Thursday, September 25, 2008

Harper, Me and the NCC

Ever since the election campaign started the National Citizens Coalition has endured a lot of abuse.

Left-wingers and politicians and journalists have been saying all sorts of nasty things about the NCC as a way of attacking Stephen Harper, who led the group from 1998 to 2001.

And their insults have gone unchallenged -- until now.

Check out my column in today's Toronto Sun, in which I defend my old group and Harper's record as its president.


Monkey Loves to Fight said...

The National Citizens' Coalition is certainly not an extremist or radical organization, but I wouldn't describe it as mainstream or anywhere close to where your average voter sits. The reality is a large chunk of Canadians if not the majority want an activist government and even those who favour less government, the majority of them only favour trimming its excesses, not radically reducing its size and scope. Besides many Canadians falsely believe the United States is an example of a country with small government and since things there haven't been going to well and many don't like the way the country operates they assume smaller government is a bad thing. Off course the reality, is the US government is just as bloated if not more so than the Canadian government, just in different areas. They spend a lot on military and corporate subsidies, while less on social programs. And they have lots of regulation, but if you have a lot of money you can usually convince those in power to somehow exempt your group whereas in Canada why may reguate the large corporations more, but we have less regulation for small businesses and in fact we also have lower corporate taxes. As Dion even pointed out, Sweden has lower corporate taxes than we do while the United States has higher corporate taxes.

Anonymous said...

Gerry...that was very factual and to the point. You have made it clear that the 'scary hidden agenda' has no factual basis.

And no personal swipes at PMSH. Guess you are pleased with the way things are going.

Anonymous said...

Hey Miles, I love your pooch! p.p.