Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Puffin Power

Once upon a time I worked for major political advocacy group.

And part of my job was to create issue ads. And lots of the ads I created were pretty crazy.

I had ads with oinking pigs, ads with donkeys, even ads with flatulent cows!

But it never occurred to me to create an ad with defecating puffins.
I guess I have lots to learn from the political geniuses in the Tory "war room".


Beast said...

I have to admit it was very funny, and a lot of hidden meaning behind it as well. I hope the guy didn't get canned for it he has talent. But it was not appropriate.

Anonymous said...

I honestly don't see what the big deal is about this ad, other than the fact that it gave the MSM something to talk about other than the Conservatives' proposed tax cut; it ties in very closely with Ignatieff's comments that the LIEberals have a lot to learn from the puffin, in that puffins hide their excrement.

Anonymous said...

Well said djxtreme, I agree with your post. Especially the hidden meanings, Puffin = Iggie,what is the pufin(Iggie) doing to Dion? Although it was not appropriate,the double entendre is definitely there.....argee

Babylonian777 said...

Had to be one of the stupidest things from the Conservatives..................people are itching for ANYTHING to use against Harper. This was classless B.S. in my opinion. I was really pissed after finding this out.

Let's not forget, Dion is a nice man, harmless for the most part, and people don't like to see silly crap like this (no pun intended).

Was John Tory responsible for this? Just like the stupid AD that got Chretien his Majority in the early 90's?

KURSK said...

Who gives a crap whether Dion is a 'nice man'?

So is Steven Harper, and i don't recall a single break he ever received, or any other leader such as Preston Manning or Stockwell day.

The Liberals have been in full smear mode, all the time, 24/7 for the last 35+ years

Puffin excrement ads are tame considering what was done to these men, especially Stockwell Day.

Brian said...

I agree with Kursk. The Liberals have ALWAYS been in smear mode.

Actually the puffin could just have easily been any one of Dion's enemies waiting in the wings ... but of course that suggestion is beyond the pale , even though they (Dion's contenders) are essentially doing what the cartoon implied , but behind the scenes and no one comments.

Anonymous said...

MSM up in arms over puffin poo! Could have been worse - could have been a Canada goose crapping on his head!

Anonymous said...

If this was a bit on Rick Mercer's show it would be considered funny.

Coming from the CPC...not so much.

Double-standard even where humour is concerned.

Anonymous said...

Let's make sure someone's head rolls over at War Room.

Perhaps its time to take it down a notch and stop feeding the little Tories with steroids.

Anonymous said...

Pooping in our streets.
In Canada.
We are not making this up.