Thursday, September 04, 2008

Political Nausea Alert

Just watched the latest Conservative Party TV ads.

And I just have one thing to say: somebody pass me a barf bag.

I mean a guy can take just so much sappy, corny, hokiness before nausea starts to set in.

Yes they are "positive" but this is the kind of maudlin stuff a party runs when poll-wise it's way out in front.

It also helps if the guy in the ad is a sappy, corny sort of person; that's not Stephen Harper.

I suspect the Tories have better ads in the can that will air once an election is officially called.

At least I hope so for my stomach's sake.


nbt said...

I like that one. They should run more ads like that. Maybe even an ad outlining the hallmark "Native apology" while attacking the Liberals on their historical lack of concern on the issue.

Remember, Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau issued the White Paper, a government policy document which announced Canada's intention to dissolve Indian nations and promote the "assimilation of Indian people into Canadian society." In other words, the state wanted to control the destiny of first nations people when all first nations ppl wanted was an apology and government out of their way.

Now that the former is complete, the Harper government must find a way to guide First Nations without keeping them dependent on the state. Something I'm sure they have be dreaming of.

Anonymous said...

These ads are what Harper needs to paint the Harper values. If you feel nauseous maybe you need to define yourself

Anonymous said...

"Yes they are "positive" but this is the kind of maudlin stuff a party runs when poll-wise it's:

way out in front."


Posted by: Grind a Grit

rondi adamson said...

That ad has run about four times in the last hour. I actually don't mind it, though. I suspect he is sincere about his children, fatherhood, et cetera. They should show him with kitties, and also, he should talk about his weight issues. (It's the sweater-vest I could live without!)

Anonymous said...

He has lost weight.