Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Green with Envy

I wish Green Party leader Elizabeth May would stop whining about being excluded from the leader's debate.

Why should she be invited?

After all, the Greens are just a fringe party, albeit a fringe party that generates lots of publicity.

And the only reason it gets any publicity is that the Greens are capitalizing on the trendiness of the environment issue right now.

That, however, won't translate into them winning any seats come Election Day.

Besides the only "green" May is focusing on during this election is the kind that fills your wallet.

Thanks to the "Welfare for Political Parties" scheme we have in this country, her party will rake in $1.75 per vote.

Not a bad way to make a living.


Anonymous said...

She had my sympathy until she played the gender card.

I think people should see how she wants to turn us back to the 18th century at best. Maybe we could all go green in a more moderate climate, but using public transit in the winter here with a bunch of kids and packages is no fun.

I'm sure however if they had gotten into a serious debate about climate change she could outdebate Harper cuz he doesn't have time to study this fulltime.

Anonymous said...

Out debate Harper, on climate change? The only argument they have is "you are in the pockets of big oil". They have no actual facts to support their position. It is better for May that she is excluded and gets to say what she wants without having to defend the positions she takes.

Anonymous said...

I'm talking about the science behind climate change - I don't believe in it, but these people know this stuff chapter and verse and can bury you with quotes and material.

Anonymous said...

I think Harper does known the science of climate change but doesn't have the guts to expose the "its all man's fault" fraud; as for May in the debate, we already have the liberal left, the far left and the extreme left, why do we need to hear the fanatic left as well