Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Time to Investigate Chretien

Here's a news release I sent out on the Gomery Report:

NCC Says RCMP Should Investigate Chrétien

(November 1, 2005) The National Citizens Coalition says today’s Gomery Report should trigger strong action from Prime Minister Paul Martin to stop the scandals plaguing the Liberal Party.

“Prime Minister Paul Martin must order RCMP investigations into former Prime Minister Jean Chrétien and other top Liberals associated with Adscam,” says NCC vice president Gerry Nicholls. “The time has come to punish the guilty no matter how high they are in the party’s hierarchy.”

Nicholls notes Gomery’s conclusion that Chrétien bears some responsibility for the scandals is not enough.

“Canadians need to know if Chrétien broke any laws associated with this scandal,” says Nicholls. “Gomery has pointed the way, now Martin must have the courage to follow up with a serious police investigation of any wrong doing.”

Nicholls says the only way to stop the scandals is to ensure those guilty of abusing the public trust pay a price.

“So far no one has paid any price for this disgusting scandal,” says Nicholls. “If Prime Minister Martin is serious about making government honest he must punish the guilty.”



Anonymous said...

When Martin said ther would be 10 people who would not be allowed have Liberal party membership I thought Cretien and martin should be on top of the list.

Anonymous said...

The Liberal Party will never order the investigation of one of its own. To do so would open up too much knowledge of the corruption within the party itself. Only the RCMP can correct this problem, and they appear to be so cozy with the Liberal party that one wonders whether they should be renamed the Liberal Party policeforce.