Monday, October 31, 2005

Political Correctness Gets Spooky

If there is anything scarier than a bunch of goblins and witches, it’s bureaucrats with a bad case of political correctness.

Case in point, the Toronto District School Board sent out a memo to school principles recently urging them to forgo any Halloween celebrations because they are disrespectful to Wiccans.

Says the memo:

“Many recently arrived students . . . share absolutely none of the background cultural knowledge that is necessary to view `trick or treating’; the commercialization of death, the Christian sexist demonization of pagan religious beliefs, as `fun’”.

And rather than handing out candies the Board suggests students “write health warnings for all Halloween candies”.

What we really need of course is a warning about fun-hating school officials.

Mind you maybe these officials are just taking their cut from Venezuela’s socialist leader Hugo Chavez who has condemned Halloween as part of the “U.S. culture of terror.”

And here I thought it was about getting candies.

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Anonymous said...

In keeping with the spirit of the Toronto School Board's memo, perhaps last night instead of handing out candy, I should have greeted little goblins at my door with a stern lecture followed up by a powerpoint presentation on the evils of Hallowe'en and sugary foods. Down with fatty foods! Up with meddling nannies!!