Monday, November 21, 2005

New Gag Law

Well it looks like the Liberals are not just content with shutting us up; now they want to try and shut us down too.

News reports say the Liberals want to enact a new gag law which would limit how much money citizens could contribute to the National Citizens Coalition.

This is on top of a law they have already enacted which effectively makes it impossible for the NCC to effectively speak out during elections.

Man they must be scared of us!

And for good reason – the NCC exposes their sordid, scandal ridden record.

Here’s a news release I just sent out:

NCC Condemns New Gag Law

(November 21, 2005) The National Citizens Coalition today denounced the Liberal government’s plans to rush a new gag law through the House of Commons on the eve of an expected federal election.

“The same government which enacted a gag law making it a crime for non-partisan groups to express political opinions during federal elections now wants to take away our right to raise funds during an election,” says NCC vice president Gerry Nicholls. “Not content with just shutting us up and they now want to shut us down.”

The Liberal government is pushing new rules that would place a limit on how much individuals can contribute to non-partisan organizations like the NCC.

“While fighting the original gag law we predicted this would happen,” says Nicholls. “First they limit how much you can speak; now they want to dictate how much money Canadians can contribute to private organizations. What’s next?”

Nicholls says this move reveals how desperate the scandal-ridden Liberal Party has become.

“Prime Minister Paul Martin knows the NCC is an effective voice in exposing the sordid record of his party,” says Nicholls. “So he is using the power of the state to strike back. It’s sad and it’s scary.”

The NCC fought a constitutional campaign against election gag laws for more than 20 years.


Anonymous said...

We have been ruled by closet socialists now for many years...
We have witnessed back door socialism, creeping into our lives, pushed by people who claim to be Liberals, Progressive Conservatives, the Green Party...

They call themselves anything/everything, but the socialists they are...

They can say ..anything, LIE,STEAL,CHEAT,MURDER,MAIM,KILL, all is acceptable as long as you promote socialism...!!

Wake UP Canada...We are being led down a soviet style garden path that leads to corruption, and the destruction of our way of life...

Stand up for Canadian values,
Vote conservative...

Lets get rid of the social engineers who call themselves Liberal...!!!!!!!!
Lets get rid of the Liberal liars and theives that infest Ottawa today....!!!!!!

Long live truth, justice and the Stephen Harper way..

Anonymous said...

it's no mistake the liberals have become known as the libranos, not to disparage the good name of Italians everywhere, but their criminal behaviour, along with their resolute agenda to remove all freedoms from everyone is history being repeated. Hitler's Nazi party.