Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Brison Vs. the NCC

The little battle between the NCC and Scott Brison has generated lots of interest.

And now that it’s winding down (at least for now) you might want to check out the chronology of the whole affair.

We have set up a special section on the NCC site that details this mini-epic.

Check it out.

And speaking of Brison, I did an interview yesterday with Charles Adler on this topic and he suggested an interesting theory.

Adler contends that Brison, who just jumped to the Liberal Party a few years ago, is trying to out-Liberal the Liberals in a sad effort to ingratiate himself with his Grit comrades.

Makes sense.

Despite all his bravado and tough rhetoric, Brison is probably just an insecure politician out to score brownie points.

Of course, that doesn’t make his smear tactics any more palatable.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I can't understand why you would let him slander you on national tv before millions of Canadians and then let him appologize in such a way that only a few thousand MAY see it. Thathasn't accomplished anything excpet perhaps to make you FEEL better.

Go for the jugular!!

Horny Toad