Friday, November 25, 2005

Rescuing the Book Launch

Had a great time last night at the book launch for the Adam Daifallah/Tasha Kheiriddin book Rescuing the Right.

Held in the Albany Club and hosted by former Premier Mike Harris, the event was a great conservative get-together, excepting Warren Kinsella who also showed up for some reason.

I had a chance to talk to bloggers Bob Tarantino, Greg Staples, Paul Tuns and Steve Janke which was great.

The highlight of the evening, however, occurred when Lord Black showed up, traveling media circus in tow.

It added a surreal touch to the evening, especially when the camera hordes nearly trampled a few of the guests.

All in all, though it was a fun event.

Let’s hope the next launch of this kind will be for a book called Rescuing the Liberals.


Greg Staples said...

Hi Gerry,
It was great to meet you as well.

I agree that the Conrad Black entrance was surreal. I almost got knocked down by the media stampede.

I love how the media have presented it as a surprise appearance. If it was such a surprise why were so many of them there to report it?

Anonymous said...

Hey Gerry - you would've been welcome at MY book launch! Even Tony Clement was there!

Of course, you would've been required to wear a biker's jacket, so my guess is you would've passed...

Yours in faith,

Warren K