Thursday, November 24, 2005

Liberals to Get Nasty

“PM plans negative campaign” screams the headline in today’s Globe and Mail.

No kidding!

Indeed, you got to wonder why the Globe headline writers seemed so shocked. Negative campaigning has been a Liberal trademark for the past 20 years.

And you can bet any Liberal attack campaign will include smears against the National Citizens Coalition because Conservative Party leader Stephen Harper used to be our president.

In the last election they even produced a massive report to expose the NCC’s “scary” agenda – you know things like fighting gag laws, opposing waste and promoting honest government.

Of course, thanks to the election gag law the NCC can’t fight back, making it all the easier for the Liberals to sic their attack dogs on us.

Mind you we welcome their hatred.

The day the likes of Paul Martin says nice things about us is the day we are not doing our job.

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