Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The Blog About Nothing

Only one day into the federal election and I am already tired of it -- and there’s eight more weeks to go!!

But maybe the presence of blogs will make this election more interesting, but then again maybe not.

Case in point is the official Liberal Party blog that former journalist and current Paul Martin speech-writer Scott Feschuk is writing.

Feschuk is a good writer and it’s clear he is trying to inject his Dave Barry-style humour into the election campaign.

It’s interesting. It’s different. And I don’t think it works.

Not that I am against laughing at election politics. God knows we need something to keep us smiling in the dark days ahead.

It’s just when Barry wrote about politics he skewered both Democrats and Republicans, gleefully pointing out absurdities on a non-partisan basis.

Liberal Party employee Feschuk, on the other hand, will poke fun at the Opposition Parties but kiss up to Martin.

That just isn’t funny.

But if it does work, maybe Conservative Party Stephen Harper should fight back and hire Jerry Seinfeld to write his blog: “Did you ever notice how corrupt the Liberals are . . .”


Anonymous said...

Where's a good terrorist when you need one?

Would someone please drive a bus load of explosives into Liberal party headquarters..!!

Anonymous said...

What's the value of a blog if it is not interactive? No comments = no readers.

Liberals, either in pseudo-blog format or in the media are just dumb , akward, yesteday people. Idiots in the global cyber village.
They still think it is in their duty to tell people what to think.
If I can not speak for myself, I don't want to have anything to do with "Canadian values", " Canadians don't want elections", etc.
Stand up for Canada, stand up for yourself.

Captain Canuck said...

I hope for the sake of Canada that Ontario does not fail again and vote in Liberals.

Scandal after scandal, there is only party with a hidden agenda in this election, and that's the liberal party of Canada.

Ontario will decide whether they accept massive and systemic liberal corruption over a positive and accountable change in the country.

Ask yourself a few questions:

Are our streets safer after 12 years of liberals?

Are criminals punished or coddled after 12 years of liberals?

Are waiting lists shorter in the last 12 years?

Is the military properly equipped? (Sea Kings and Chicoutimi)

Do you have more money in your pocket?

Is the separtist movement less evident than 12 years ago?

The answer to all these questions is no, therefore voting back in liberals basically supports the theft of your money and supporting a party that destroyed everything valuable to Canadians.

Harper for PM