Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Sick of Liberal Tactics

Word has it that Scott Brison is getting ready to offer another apology to the NCC.

Funny what the threat of a slander lawsuit will do.

The National Post has a good line in one of its editorials today concerning Brison’s original half-baked apology which he put forward as an example of his “civility.”

Wrote the Post:

“Perhaps it would be even more civil if people like Mr. Brison refrained from publicly branding innocent politicians like Mr. Harper as lawbreakers when there is no evidence of their having committed any misdeeds or broken any rules. False demonization is a time-worn Liberal campaign tactic and we are sick of it.”


Anonymous said...

The Socialist mantra is...

You can Lie , Steal, Cheat, Kill, Murder, Maim......
..all is acceptable.
..as long as you promote socialism.

The liberals have been using this credo for years.

Canada has witnessed a creeping back door kind of socialism, pushed by Liberals ever since Trudeau pointed out the obvious.
Socialists can't get elected in a democracy.
To use Trudeau's words "socialists must infiltrate the ruling party and change it from within"
The problem is the liberal version of what I call ... GANGSTER SOCIALISM has only benefitted LIBERALS.....

So Canada....How do you like socialism so far?

Anonymous said...

Bury the sob!!!

Anonymous said...

Brison's only following his parties marching orders. You don't actually think he thought this up all by himself do you? If you've been watching Question Period of late, you'll have learned quickly that Brison's got Liberal gift of reading script that his master dictates. If we were voting on the best of Martin's one-trick pony, or lapdog, Brison's got my vote hands down. Belinda a close second.

Anonymous said...

Stick to what's right. Lead by example. We will soon be the ruling party running the government of Canada for the people of Canada who MUST trust and respect the truth and those who uphold it. Principals aren't dead. Stand proud. Don't let weedling little pukes rule by fear, intimidation, and abuse of power.

Anonymous said...

Trudeau was never a socialist. He was in fact a fascist. He bleived in hitlerism. Enslave the masses. Do not allow them any means of defence. Restict democracy to the elitist.
If you doubt this follow his movements through Westmount in the early years of ww 2.
Trouble is his diciples are all in parliament sitting on the government side.
I wonder why the media never discuss this?

Anonymous said...

What more can one expect from the worshippers of Fabianism