Monday, November 07, 2005

NCC Rejects Brison's Apology

The National Citizens Coalition has decided to reject Public Works Minister Scott Brison’s apology concerning the slanderous comments he made on Friday:

See below the text of a letter I emailed him today:

Dear Mr. Brison:

We cannot accept your apology for the following reasons:

Your comment that the National Citizens Coalition engaged in illegal lobbying was not “premature” it was dead wrong. As I stated in my first email to you, the NCC is not a lobby group. We are a non-profit corporation that promotes economic and political freedom through media ad campaigns. We provide a voice for thousands of Canadians who believe in free enterprise, individual freedom and honest, accountable government.

You failed to apologize for stating that the NCC was “convicted” of violating the Canada Elections Act. The NCC has never been convicted of any crime.

We requested a public apology. By that we mean an apology that generates at least as much media attention as your slanderous comments did.

Please understand that thanks to the election gag law your government enacted, the NCC is unable to defend its good name or to rebut defamatory comments that might arise during elections.

Indeed, your comments were clearly partisan and seemed designed to smear our organization.

That’s why it’s so important for us that you set the record straight loudly and clearly.

If an appropriate and public apology is not forthcoming soon, we will turn this matter over to our attorneys.

Yours truly,

Gerry Nicholls


Anonymous said...

Don't worry Gerry. I'm sure the NCC has way more supporters out there than Brison at the moment. Brison's a drowing man, however he's running out of parties to defect to. Maybe the Bloc will take him off Martin's hands:-?

Anonymous said...

Can we hope that liberal Ontarians will pay attention to his apology? I've had so many blank stares(I live in Ontario) when I try to explain Stephen Harper's background with the NCC..This is la-la liberal land!Keep up the pressure Gerry!

Anonymous said...

Good Job Gerry!!

Its time someone stood up to the bullshit these slanderous bunch of lying Liberals throw around.

It would be a thing of beauty to watch "Twiggy Boy" Brison go down with the ship he jumped on with the rest of the Liberals.

Personally, I can hardly wait for an election. My MP is presently the Finance Minister.

Anonymous said...

Perfect. Let's not sheepishly fade away at the hint that everything the ubermeisters say is law. If you don't pursue this legally they stand to do it to anyone and everyone on their hit list.

Monkey Loves to Fight said...

I think a lot of what he said about the NCC is true. Despite the claims that the NCC is not partisan, it is clear to me they are a front group for the Tories. And at least he apologized when he made a mistake. Besides he is one of the more right leaning members of the Liberal Party so I hope he is re-elected, maybe someday even Liberal Party. I am sick and tired of conservatives always talking about our country going to Hell. We can be better, but we are still a good country. Second of all, you are more likely to make changes but arguing for gradual changes, than radical changes. Gradually reducing the size of government has a much better chance of success than advocating for radically reducing it, thus making a party unelectable. Our current size of government didn't happen over night, but rather was through gradual increases.