Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Rating the government's flu response.

Have an opinion on the federal government's handling of the H1N1 pandemic?

Well here's a chance to have your say.

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Anonymous said...

Being healthy and over fifty, I'm in a pretty low risk group so I personally haven't worried about it.

My wife is a senior exec in a major hospital, and in a position where she should know, so I asked her.

Basically, the response was, it couldn't be addressed any faster than it is, no amount of effort/money/divine intervention was going to get us a vaccine significantly sooner (+/- a few days), and there is little or nothing that can be done to ramp up distribution, because you would need to "steal" trained staff from clinical positions. The latter is the biggest problem with the delivery, that is, do we staff operating rooms, emergency wards etc. or pull those nurses off to accelerate the immunizations.

Bec said...

I suppose the provinces could have spent ridiculous amounts of money analyzing and creating a, 'you're first' line but they did have surveys that have obviously now, been proven to be inaccurate.
Hindsite is always most helpful, after the fact.

This was completely, an unpredictable public reaction and the panicked frenzy was created by the panicked frenzy.
Just ask the parents of the kids that got the first Cabbage Patch Kid or Xbox or Wii...... Get my drift? Mob mentality.

wilson said...

o/t Gerry,
but I'm sure you did not shed a tear (nor me) when Kevin Page indicated:

''..but the data he has received indicates the government may not be able to spend all the money it has set aside to stimulate the economy.
(He suggested that Ottawa should extend the deadline so stimulus can be delivered).


Bill Elder said...

What pandemic?