Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Michael Ignatieff's To Do List

Using the Access to Information Act, I managed to get a hold of this key political document:

Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff’s “To Do List”

* “De-friend” Janine Krieber

* Memorize names of my new staff members

* Renew VISA for working in the United States

* Take piano/singing lessons

* See doctor about mysterious knife-like wounds in my back

* Ask Warren Kinsella when “ass kicking” will begin.

* Tell aide to stop showing me those blasted poll results

* Hire a new pollster

* Find out why Bob Rae is measuring curtains in my office

* Remind myself why I wanted this job.
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1 comment:

Blame Crash said...

RE : "* Renew VISA for working in the United States"

Why would someone who states things like "We Americans blah blah blah..." need to get a Visa?

Do you know if he is in fact not an American citizen? Or, perhaps a British citizen? Which would be highly likely since he spent so much time there and having had married a British women and having British children.

Has any of the media even asked about this? A big stink was rightfully made about Dion being a citizen of France, why should Iffy get a free pass on this issue?

Especially when you consider the fact that Dion was a French citizen via birth, where’s Iffy would have had to chosen to become a Brit.