Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Don't get preachy on healthcare

I have just posted an excellent article by Rondi Adamson over at the Libertas Post.

Adamson argues Canadians should resist the urge to get preachy with Americans when it comes to healthcare.

Here's a sampling:

We would do well to not preach, in spite of Barack Obama ’s assertion -- during his appearance a few weeks ago on the Late Show with David Letterman -- that Canadians “are perfectly happy with their system.”

Are we? A one-time, extensive US-Canada sponsored study, done in 2004, showed that Canadians and uninsured Americans had similar levels of satisfaction when it came to healthcare. In fact, more Americans (53 percent) than Canadians (44 percent) were said to be "very satisfied" with the state of their healthcare.

Check out the rest.

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