Saturday, November 28, 2009

The day I warned the Liberals

A year ago today the federal Opposition parties unveiled their diabolical scheme to form a Coalition and wrest power away from the Conservatives.

It was also on this day one year ago that I posted a blog warning the Liberals to think through this dopey idea.

They heeded my advice .... eventually.


Calgary Junkie said...

I get a chuckle out of reading all the anti-Harper posters from a year ago who gleefully predicted that Harper was finished.

But what still bugs me about the whole coalition kerfuffle is the media spin that took hold and still persists--essentially, that Harper miscalculated with his hardball move of threatening to take away the $1.95 per vote subisdy, which caused the three stooges to retaliate by forming their unholly alliance.

First, All the Opps leaders spun it as them being outraged at the lack of fiscal stimulus (they wanted $30 billion spent right away). And that their coalition coup had NOTHING to do with the $1.95.

Second, we had Jack on tape to his caucus, admitting that the coalition dealing was started long before Flaherty's fiscal update. Jack and Gilles started the talks, then they brought Dion in on it. So the three stooges were going to defeat Harper at the first opportunity, no matter what ! There was NOTHING Harper could have done to stop them.

Yet, the media persists in their spin that it was Harper's miscalculation that caused the coup.

Brrr said...

I do think Harper made a tactical mistake last year, but not the one most politicos think. The conservative fiscal update, and the reduction of the vote subsidy were all good things, IMO.

The mistake, I think, was not letting the coalition hang itself with its own rope.