Friday, November 27, 2009

Want economic growth? Cut taxes and red tape

Recently the Toronto Dominion Bank came up with a grim report, predicting a decade of stagnant economic growth for Canada.

Fortunately, we can avoid this.


Well for answers check out this column I wrote which appears in today's Hamilton Spectator.


Blame Crash said...

All agreed on this one Gerry.

But you could have mentioned something about the useless “Green Ball & Chain” that these lying environmentalists have chained to our economies neck. All a person has to do is look at their grocery bill to see how these bureaucratic scammers and grifter’s are thieving money right out of our wallet and taking their cut and then spending what’s left on useless endeavors. That’s not what you’d call good for the economy.

And as far as what TD has to say about things. You could of also pointed out how they are joined at the hip with the Gliberal Party of Toronto and are peddling the doom and gloom narrative for self serving reasons.

potato said...

Good ideas but since all parties, and that includes the Conservatives, are Progressive parties that have willingly allowed themselves to be hijacked by special interest groups that favour expansion of the State, there's not a hope in hell that your ideas will ever see the light of day. I think the TD bank recognizes that fact which lends credibility to their forecast.

renegade tory said...

The more governmnet stifles our ability to do anything without their permission, the less productive and innovative we become as a country.

Anonymous said...

One of the areas of overregulation is compliance with bilingual labelling laws. These language laws are racist and discriminatory.

Anonymous said...

Gerry...heed the political call of duty. There's a gap in Canadian politics, and you need to fill it. Run for office and take others, such as Ezra Levant with you. If you don't, we will have nothing.