Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Obama or no Obama,anti-Americanism lives

Writer and columnist Rondi Adamson is now writing for the Examiner, an American online news site.

Here's her first column which examines that age-old Canadian tendency: anti-Americanism.

Check it out.


Iain G. Foulds said...

... "Anti-Americanism" is merely another vestige of our nation's entrenched values of social collectivism.
... Social and economic collectivism reinforce each other. Steps towards eliminating one, are steps towards eliminating the other.
... As we move forward towards values of respect for individuality and individual rights, we shall put these false, arrogant tribal prejudices behind us.

Anonymous said...

"Anti-Americanism" is a machination of the last 40 years of statist collectivism in eastern media/academia/politics.

It exists primarily in GTA and Montreal and is a direct byproduct of Canadian collectivist statst politicsal culture (Trudeau cult left) and thier domination of the GTA media. Traditionally there was never such virulent snotty elitism towards Americans in this nation. Even the loyalist settlers got over it ina generation.

This current Yankee hate is strictly a phenomenon of the inbred Trudeaupian culture in eastern metro areas. The rest of us extremly normative well adjusted individuals outside these politically indoctrinated cultural cesspools have no such negative attitudes toward Americans.

All underachieving commies revel in their mediocrity and of necessity must condemn the success and affluence of US republicanism-capitalism, why would Kanukistani commies be any different?

We note how the anti-American rhetoric from the usual suspects has changed to groupie love since there was a naked Marxist in the white house?