Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Libertas Post stuff

Here are some interesting items you might want to check out at the Libertas Post:

* Take part in an online survey, which asks the burning question: "What can Michael Ignatieff do to turn things around?"

* Charles Adler slams the "venus flytrap" climate scam.

* Rondi Adamson asks "Why do you think they call it dope?"

* Walker Morrow laments what's happening to the Olympic debate in BC.


Blame Crash said...

The first question presumes that it would be a good thing if that Canadian of Convenience were to "turn things around"

Why is that? What makes the Iffy Gliberals give so many Libertarians the leg tingles?

Is it that shanghaied his local constituency and was acclaimed?
Or maybe Libertarians like the fact that he was anointed leader by the party by a secret cabal of greedy corporate welfare bums.
Perhaps it’s the Gliberals statistic socialist leanings? Is that it?

What ever it is, it sure doesn’t smell like Libertarian spirit to me.

Anonymous said...

Gerry, could you add some forum equivalent to Libertas Post please? I can't go to Blogging Tories anymore, the place is a pit of Harperite idiots, Islamophobes, and worst of all, SoCons. Craig Smith, who is a founder of BT, actually wrote in a post that Islam is the religious incarnation of Nazism. Really.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Anonymous. How can a guy so right be so wrong. Naziism was the really incarnation of Islamic extremism