Friday, November 06, 2009

Compassion in politics

Here's a letter I sent to the Brantford Expositor in response to this puff piece on Justin Trudeau:

Dear Sir/Madam:

Liberal MP Justin Trudeau talks about the need for “compassion” in politics “Trudeau brings message of 'respect, compassion” November 6.

Sounds good, but your readers should beware.

When left-leaning politicians like Trudeau talk about “compassion” it’s usually code for “we need bigger government and higher taxes.”

Trudeau, like his late father, believes the way to solve our country’s ills is to throw endless amounts of tax dollars at them.

It’s a policy approach, unfortunately, which ends up making us all poorer.

That’s not to say compassion has no place in politics.

I just wish politicians displayed some for over-burdened taxpayers.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Gerry, for telling it like it is. I may have to buy your book. I've always enjoyed your no-nonsense approach while expounding on the Michael Coren Show, and even in being a 'thorn of accountability' to the side of our esteemed Prime Minister. I don't believe we need a new Trudeau Era either.

Gary said...

Based on the dismal record of Trudeau Pere and the socialist bent of Trudeau Fils he might well be a worse threat to the wealth, unity and sanity of the Canadian body politic. I believe the father was the worst Prime Minister in living memory and the son's statements and actions indicate he is worse. God protect Canada from any more Trudeaus.

Anonymous said...

Given the damage done by PET to Canada, I have no choice but to conclude that he was a sociopath.