Thursday, November 05, 2009

Harper called it in 1999

I came across this ancient (more than 10 years old) web site featuring essays by various conservative/libertarian writers.

Found this dusty op ed I wrote a long, long time ago when I still had some hair, called "Romancing the left."

More interestingly, here's an essay on the site written by Prime Minister Harper back in 1999 when he was still president of the National Citizens Coalition.

It's called "Conservative divisions are here to stay" and in the concluding paragraph he makes this startling prediction:

"Within the next decade we will have a situation where no one party can credibly hope to form a national majority government. And it is this, not the United Alternative, which will make things really interesting."

Guess he was right.


Unknown said...

Congratulations on achieving your first interesting blog entry!

Anonymous said...

When I read this kind of thing, it gives me a little chill and a small part of me likes to think that behind the betrayals and double-talk from Harper, is an architect of the "EndPoint" for what ails Canada. Of course the much larger more realistic portion of me knows that this is pure fantasy and that Harper & Co. have been completely assimilated by The Monolith, but I can indulge.

wilson said...

I think the 'chill' Harper gives Liberals,
is watching the Chretien Legacy dissintegrate.

The divide in the CPC remains because, contrary to LiberalThink,
conservatives are not the Borg Nation.