Wednesday, November 04, 2009

McQuaig and extremism

Yesterday Linda McQuaig had a column in the Toronto Star suggesting Prime Minister Stephen Harper had a reputation for "extremism."

In response I sent the following letter to the Star:

Dear Sir/Madam:

Linda McQuaig declares in a recent column (“Harper's extremism is showing” November 3) that Prime Minister Stephen Harper has a “past reputation for extremism.”

That’s quite a serious charge, if not an outright smear.

Yet McQuaig doesn’t even bother to explain the nature of Harper’s so-called “extremism”.

Maybe that’s because she can’t actually back up her outrageous claim.

In fact, as someone who worked with Stephen Harper quite closely in the days he headed the National Citizens Coalition, I can tell you he believed in and promoted mainstream Canadian values.

As NCC president, Harper pushed for smaller government, lower taxes and individual freedom.

Is that what McQuaig considers extreme?


Anonymous said...

This is so out of character with what you have written for the last 6 months that I have to ask. Are you Ok Gerry, you didn't get the H1N1 did you?

Anonymous said...

The column is typical of the RED Star!

Kadam said...

I imagine he has shown an extreme shift from the ideals of smaller government and less taxes. Not sure about individual freedoms.

Anyways, Gerry calls Mr. Harper on that, but I am with him to defend our Prime Minister against charges he has extremist tendencies.

wilson said...

And the RedStar must cut 100 jobs to stay alive,
this is why.
Nobody is buying it, the stories nor the paper.

Anonymous said...

TangoJuliette sez:

Linda of the ToRedStar?

Classic case of AntiHarper Derangement Syndrome -Pathological with Extreme Hate overtones.

t.e. & o,e,