Monday, November 09, 2009

Depressing the NDP

According to this article Peter Donolo, Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff’s new Chief of Staff, will work hard to depress the NDP vote.

I would wholeheartedly support such an action, because for years the NDP vote has depressed me.

But seriously, while working as a pollster Donolo repeatedly declared that for the Liberals to win a majority, they must steal voters away from the NDP.

As he once told the media, the Liberals have to "polarize the electorate" and make the Liberal leader the default for voters who dislike Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

For this to happen Donolo says support for the NDP needs to be pushed down to the 10 percent range.

What does this mean for Ignatieff?

Well I guess it means we can soon expect him to go around telling people that his favourite book is Das Kapital, that his favourite song is Solidarity Forever and that his favourite colour is orange.

Who knows, this could work? Recall how former NDP supporter and union boss, Buzz Hargrove embraced the Liberals in 2006. Or was it the Bloc Quebecois, he supported?

Anyway, the point is the Tories will have to counteract this Liberal plan.


Simple. They just have to make left winger voters angry. It’s a well known fact that when socialists get angry they instinctively stick to their usual political collectives.

And luckily for the Conservatives making socialists angry is easy.

Here, for instance, are five sure-fire measures the Tories could do right now to rile up the left and keep them voting NDP:

* Have Prime Minister Stephen Harper say something controversially pro-American, such as “the United States is not the centre of all evil in the universe.”

* Whenever an NDPer exalts the name of Tommy Douglas, any nearby Tory MP should automatically respond by asking: “Tommy who?”

* The Conservative government should say it’s considering handing over the operations of our health care system to Walmart.

* Declare the Alberta tar sands a national treasure.

* Threaten to invade Venezuela.

Trust me, anyone of these ideas is guaranteed to have enraged left-wingers marching on Parliament Hill in no time.


Anonymous said...

Other ideas

* Declare the first annual Polar Bear hunt and give free hunting licences to touring Texans.

*Halt all flights to tourist destinations in Cuba

*Next new senator -Don Cherry

*Safe injection sites replaces drugs and is now used for those addicted to McDonald's french fries.

Gerry Nicholls said...

Great suggestions!

Skinny Dipper said...

I think Donolo's strategy is to de-legitimize the NDP. He wants the next election to be a battle of the titans between Harper and Ignatieff. The Liberals will probably not win support from downtown vegetarians who voted for the NDP in the last election. They may gain support from NDP supporters who are also rural hunters who like hunting vegetarians. This does not mean that the Liberals need to go left wing as rural NDP supporters tend not to be as left-wing as their urban cousins. For example, in Northern Ontario, Hugo Chavez is a President's Choice salad dressing. The Liberals can still siphon off support from the Conservatives by presenting themselves as a government that will properly balance economic and social issues.

Blame Crash said...

Did that Chretien Liberal actually use the word "steal" rather than "earn"!

Makes sense, doesn't it. Stealing is what their all about.

Blame Crash said...

?? Iffy is a "Titan" ??

A "titan" with polling numbers that are lower that the last "Titan" and the one before that, and the one before that, and.......

Now, that's a laugh. A "Pretender" is more like it.

The only way that Iffy will become PM is if his Toronto corporate masters are able to engineer and pull off a Coup, which I’m sure they’re looking into. Those corporate welfare bums are desperate to get some of that free “Stimulus” money and will stop at nothing to get their way.

Blame Crash said...

Change that "their" to a "they're"

iggydunit said...

Great plan at polarization, maybe during the televised debates Ezra Levant can rush into camera frame and place a stuffed Che Guavara plush toy in front of Iggy and a Hugo Chavez doll in front of Layton. ;-)