Monday, April 30, 2007

Rumbles from the Right

Something seems to be happening in Conservative-land.

The natives are getting restless with Prime Minister Stephen Harper's swing to the left.

As mentioned earlier, my Post column has generated quite a response from disillusioned grassroots conservatives.

And now others are taking up the standard.

Western Standard publisher Ezra Levant notes in a Calgary Sun column today that the Conservative plan to ban light bulbs is "all baloney".

The Conservatives, says Levant are "alienating conservative voters who know it, too. And the environmentalists and rock stars who pretend to believe it will never vote for them anyway."

Columnist Lorne Gunter adds in today's National Post: "To understand just how deeply the Tories (I hesitate any longer to call them Conservatives) have drunk of the Green Kool-Aid, consider that their green plan, released last week, will cost Canadians as much as $8-billion a year in tax-funded spending, higher prices, pollution fines and reduced economic activity."

And finally here's what Professor Barry Cooper from the University of Calgary wrote in the Maclean's 50 comment section: "In his recent op-ed in the Ottawa Citizen, Environment Minister John Baird sounded more like David Anderson or even David Suzuki than a Conservative Minister of the Crown who - at least in principle - is connected to common sense."

I'll say it again, I hope the Prime Minister and his team are listening.

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RB Glennie said...

hello -

Although I've demurred from agreement as to whether Harper's government has `betrayed' conservatism, I must agree the light-bulb ban is a very stupid idea.

Hopefully, this one measure at least will be jettisoned after a full debate takes place on rival types of lightbulbs.

In any case, keep up the good work.