Monday, April 09, 2007

The NCC and Me

The National Citizens Coalition discusses my termination on their blog, here are some of the posted comments:

* "I really admired Gerry and his honesty and integrity. I have to be honest; this makes me very nervous. We need a strong independent voice to fight for the citizens against the excesses of big government. With the conservatives so obviously now leading that charge with the Liberals and the NDP and even the Greens following now we need that independent voice even more. I’m questioning now if I should have recently joined the NCC."

* "The recent treatment of Gerry Nichols is a disgrace. To publically humiliate a fine man like him who has been the face of NCC , and done so much to advance the cause of NCC is totally lacking in hunan decency and good judgment. I hope he gets a good lawyer. He deserves the best."

* "The most cogent explanation of who you are or were with gerry Nichols was in the Toronto Star this morning where he writes about the failed dream of us Conservatives as we see Mr. Harper’s lack of action on our issues. Too bad that wasn’t done in previous months and years. Your exposure level needs a bit of a kick start."

Interesting, eh?


Anonymous said...

This whole thing saddens me on many different levels. I had an opportunity to meet and get to know the founder of the NCC, Colin M. Brown. I was a younger lad then, but found him a remarkable man and enjoyed the opportunities I had to speak with him the three years prior to his death. As its founder he is the only person who can claim to be the NCC. Everyone else is an employee of the organization who believe and carries on the founders legacy. The NCC probably could have handled this better, but I can't believe the organization reached this decision carelessly or without a great deal of thought and preparation. Mr. Nicholls is no Colin M Brown and should not want individuals to think or refer to him as the NCC. - Edward

Molly Gray said...

Do you know what I find interesting?

That all the only comments you are willing to dignify with a response are the positive ones towards to you...

is the ego a little bruised?

Anonymous said...

It will be interesting to see if my following comment posted to the NCC blog will be approved by moderators or not. You might as well read it either way, Gerry.
Hoodwinked Everywhere says:

Your comment is awaiting moderation.

Let me guess — Harper could quite aptly fill Gerry Nicholls “vacated” position with the NCC, once the Liberals win the next election “by default” and Harper becomes politically “unemployed”? Not too hard to predict the future NCC staff lineup either…former PCPO “establisment” insiders with “career” brown noses, now federally-empowered - they’d best enjoy it while they still can!?

The same “political realignment” that these “win by any means” power-seeking tyrants spurned in Ontario in 2003 is long overdue federally!

Bring ‘er on, guys…I might actually look forward to the next federal election, now! Yippee - time to dump yet another federal “free AND fair” PeeCee party! I never DID like the idea of voting for “the lesser of (socialist) evils”…not in the 2003 provincial, nor the pending federal rendition. Obviously, my principles were not unique amongst voters in Ontario in 2003, so likely won’t be unique regarding the next federal election, either.

Time to quickly introduce a “declined vote” option federally, folks … more likely We The Voters will be “offered” mandatory “level playing field” voting instead, though, right?

submitted on April 11th, 2007 at 3:47 pm