Thursday, April 26, 2007

Ban the bans

Am I wrong, or does the sole business of government these days consist of banning things.

Think of it.

Government bans smoking.

It bans guns.

It bans pitbulls.

Now the Conservative government wants to ban light bulbs!

In the process, of course, what they are really doing is banning our freedoms.

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Anonymous said...

Well... personally, I don't think any of "them" have the gonads to actually ban/prohibit "any of the above" or our freedoms/private property rights, 'cuz they'd be too afraid of spurning a real revolution and "not getting elected" LOL!

Like all cowardly bullies who count on their victims' fears to enforce their agendas for control "for them"... they prefer back-door prohibitions (wherein "they" still get our taxpayer funds from the legal products/services/behaviour profits) and merely "re-define" our former decicion-making authorities, responsibilities and liberties... AND our privately-owned property and our family member dependents into virtual "public property" and "public places/workplaces" ... whenever convenient for (but at no real or longterm cost to) "them"?!

Unfortunately, this "strategy" seems to have apparently, now achieved/benefitted from ALL Political Party Support and has "Hoodwinked" the majority of Canadians "Everywhere"!??
... "Nothing Succeeds Like Sucess"?

I still believe that as the multi-issue and politically-unaccountable/unresolveable tyrannies spread and legitimatize the virtual criminalization/persecution of peaceful, non-malicious Canadians (along with their families, private properties and private wealth creating business initiatives/properties!) to the point where their family members' decision-making authority (particularly as pertinent to our most vulnerable who cannot speak or act for themselves!?) is ALSO of more benefit to the government(ie: "public" than to themselves) removed/marginalized (by default of their own marginalization/gov't-dependency) from both their former family kin's formerly top-level-in-authority-hierarchies allowances!?) control AND the adult decision-makers themselves (pertinent particularly to high-functioning "mentally retarded/ill" adults and seniors who are now often "re-defined/classified" out of their formerly self-wmpowering self-determination allowances!), that the good old "there are more of us than them" will kick in and REQUIRE more resourceful, independent thinking and action (and evenutally political system re-structuring?) "Outside The Box" that our collecitivsm and special interest grouop-supporting current political structure funds and inspires?...

As "they" continue to pit family members and non-malicious, urban/rural taxpayers/citizens either virtually, legally and/or actually/verbally/ideologically/politically/physically AGAINST each other, through their recycled and re-used time-tested "DIVIDE AND CONQUER" strategies interlinked with "win by any means" political party strategy, Gerry,... how's about WE "Bring 'em and Keep 'em TOGETHER"??

You up to and for it, Gerry, as an INDIVIDUAL thinker and activist?

If so, Join "ME and "mine"... ?" whether sporadically teaming up for mutually-desired voluntary initiatives OR individually - in vocal one-at-a-time if necessary, but ALWAYS in ideologically-consistent opposition "on principle" against collective political agendas/morality-theocratic-natured either secular or religious/"democracy" mob majority rule/etc. ad nauseum...

FYI and be forewarned:
"Publicly/Politically/Statistically impressive numbers" of participants are and will continue to be deemed irrelevant (ie translation in plain English: neither respected, desired nor required by "me and mine"...)