Friday, April 13, 2007

Chatting with Gerry

Check out this Calgary Herald blog.

The topic of discussion: Me.


Kirk West said...

Hi Gerry,

Glad to hear that you will still be writing. A book perhaps?

Please contact me if you have time.

Anonymous said...

Hi AGAIN, Gerry!
My favourite G.N. quote from the Calgary Herald article - "A political party will attract people who care about power, not necessarily people who care about doing the right thing." BINGO!

I am particularly disappointed in those longstanding and formerly "outspoken on principle" federal (now CPC) MP's such as Rob Anders, Monty Solberg, Scott Reid and Garry Breitkreuz...their personal silence regarding several issues raised in Parliament since the last federal election has spoken volumes to me! It would seem the unintended consequences pertaining to your above "universally-applicable" quote has re-adjusted what I formerly perceived as being their personal priorities, principles, values and decisions based primarily on self-respect, as it has Harper's?

For example: where was Gerry Breikreuz's former style of critique regarding THIS blatantly anti-firearms atrocity disguised as an "anti violent crime bill"?!

...MY nutshell translation of the CPC Bill C-10: If you're gonna repeatedly attempt to murder (or inflict injury on) another person, it's likely to be more legislatively advantageous to you to strangle them with your bare hands or slit their throat with a knife, according to this bill - allegedly intended to make our streets and communities safer?

ROFLMAO - the "default" assumption of those seeking personal or affiliated collective empowerment/enrichment/enhanced public status through any political party must be that the electorate is as corrupt in principle and as easily-misled/exploited as they are?! (Feel free to quote ME in return, Gerry)

In light of the following example, about the only way I could now re-gain any personal respect for Garry Breitkreuz would be for him to public say something along these lines..."Imagine this...I QUIT!"... AND PROMPTLY DO IT! ... ditto for Scott Reid upon Harper's public statement that French is Canada's first language...ditto for Rob Anders and several other CPC MP's, upon Harper's high-profile introduction of John Tory as "Ontario's next premier" (how thoughtful of Harper [and his former PCPO-empowered/supportive MP's/party strategists] to attempt to pre-determine the outcome of Ontario's 2007 election so our taxpayers can be spared the costs of yet another futile provincial election, though...might as well just skip it now?)

Bye, bye to CPC former support from any principled Canadian firearms owners?!
June 14, 2006:
Bill to toughen sentences for gun criminals passes second reading

Online debate reference:

"In the last Parliament, Kramp’s private members bill, C-215 which called for minimum, mandatory consecutive sentencing for the criminal use of a firearm, passed second reading. Before the bill reached third reading, Parliament was dissolved with the election call.

Kramp was optimistic Bill C-10 would be passed by the committee. “Tougher sentencing for gun criminals has received all party support in the past. There is growing recognition that tougher sentences are needed to keep our streets safe.” "

I agree with your Calgary Herald statement about there being NO federal ballot option for fiscal conservatives to support, also, Gerry!
Former provincial PeeCee's now empowered federally repeatedly still back their socialistic provincial counterparts as per your above quote support THAT allegation of yours! Of relevance to the following examples: The socialism-exemplary "Eastern Ontario Development Program" (EODP) is a fairly recently advanced initiative that was a "baby" of PCPO MPP Norm Sterling.

Here are a but a couple of too-commom, hyperlinked examples for crystal-clear clarification of federal C.P.C. support for the advancement of joint federal and provincial (which obviously encompasses municipal jurisdiction too!) "Red Toryism" (the beneficiaries of which Stephen Harper used to refer to as Corporate Welfare Bums [and I still DO]):
Online "sample" CPC MPP reference sources:
1. August 3, 2006: Kramp announces $10 million for the Eastern Ontario Development Program

Cornwall- Prince Edward-Hastings MP Daryl Kramp today announced $10 million in funding for community-based business development projects through the Eastern Ontario Development Program (EODP).

2. March 2, 2007
Kramp announces $10.9 million in economic development funding

Belleville –Prince Edward-Hastings M.P., Daryl Kramp and The Honourable Tony Clement, Minister of Health and Minister for FedNor, today announced a $10.9 million investment toward the renewal of the Eastern Ontario Development Program (EODP) and five EODP regional economic development projects in rural Eastern Ontario.


My wrap-up: BARF! I'll be sitting out yet another Ontario provincial election this year, and the next federal one as well. No point in even awaiting the results to be announced, 'cuz it won't make any meaningful difference as things look right now. Any bets I won't be alone? In retrospect, maybe it's a good thing Harper and his CPC have concentrated so heavily on Quebec, 'cuz I'd bet they've overwhelmingly lost the "traditional" Ontario conservative did the PCPO in 2003 (and will again in 2007, I'd predict).