Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Integrity in Politics

Toronto Sun Money Editor Linda Leatherdale has an excellent column today taking to task the undemocratic shenanigans associated with political floor crossers.

(One of the excellent things about this column is that it quotes me.)

Anyway, Leatherdale notes that Progressive Conservative leader John Tory seems ready to decree former Liberal MPP Tim Peterson will be his candidate in the riding of Mississauga South.

And no there will be no nomination fight. The riding will apparently be handed to Peterson on a silver platter.

Leatherdale writes: "what's not fair is how three quality candidates are being shut out of the nomination process in Mississauga South after spending money, pounding the pavement and lining PC coffers by selling memberships. One, Effie Triantafilopoulos, who insiders say had Tory's blessings to run in the riding, even quit her job as CEO of Save the Children Canada. "

Whatever happened to principle in politics?


Kirk West said...

That's a damn good question!

Unknown said...

Well just look at the feds. What did Rob Anders have, a 9-day nomination race?

Grassroots democracy and the candidate nomination process seems to be going the way of election promises and grassroots-based policy formation.

Of course, you also have Dion protecting MPs from nomination fights and appointing female candidates across the country, and with all the bans passed in Ontario since 2003 it's probably a shock that nomination races haven't gone the way of deciding whether or not to allow smoking in your own bar... so it's not like Tories are worse than the alternative, but it's a shame they're not better.

Anonymous said...

A PC candidate wannabee -who insiders say had Tory's blessings to run in the riding, even quit her job as CEO of Save the Children Canada."

No guff!? Save the Children Canada, eh? Tory's blessing, too? YUP. This requires some thought (ok...done thinking already...) It "fits". LOL!

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree with Linda Leatherdale more on that one.

Look at PM Harper, for instance.

Started as a Liberal -- quit that.
Became a conservative -- quit that.
Then he was Reformed -- quit that.

Ended up a neo-theo con