Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Join the Conspiracy

Next month I will be attending a Civitas conference in Halifax.

What's Civitas you ask?

Well, it's a society which exists to "promote and deepen understanding through the exchange of a wide range of political and economic, social, religious, cultural and philosophical ideas concerning the principles and traditions of a free and ordered society."

In other words, it provides a venue where conservatives of all stripes can meet to discuss issues , to argue and to socialize.

And one of the best things about it, is that you get to meet fellow conservatives/libertarians face-to-face.

Oh and Civitas, is also officially part of Canada's "Vast Right Wing Conspiracy."

Learn how to join here.

And if you do join, be sure to look me up in Halifax.


rondi adamson said...

What I love about it is that it is so easy to be the best-dressed woman there.

Gerry Nicholls said...

Of course, you are among the best-dressed women, wherever you go!

Anonymous said...

Hmm... wish I could join and "be there". It was suggested I submit my "C.V." a few years ago, but since I don't have a "C.V.", I dropped the idea.

Any suggestions, Gerry? Do YOU think I could submit something equivalent? Admittedly, I'd have the same type of problem trying to re-enter the "workforce" as an "employee" :(

Anonymous said...

Holy smoke!

Just because just about all the people in attendance are funded directly or indirectly by corporate donations from the oil and gas and the pharmaceutical industry doesn't mean it is a "conspiracy." Some people will believe just about anything...

Anonymous said...


How is that Civitas has existed for over a decade, and yet, there seems to almost no objective media coverage on this group?

Do your rules of incorporation say that those who participate in Civitas cannot repeat what goes on?