Monday, April 30, 2007

Trudeau Part 2

Congratulations to Justin Trudeau on winning the Liberal nomination.

Of course, the young Trudeau can expect quite a bit of media exposure over the next few months.

Everything he will say or do will make news.

The CBC will likely give him his own TV show to celebrate the "Second Coming."

And, of course, nothing Trudeau has done will merit any of this attention. He does have a famous last name; and he does support just about any trendy left wing cause out there, but that's about it.

Mind you all that coverage could end up being a double-edged sword for the Liberals.

Justin, after all, is inexperienced but full of himself -- and in politics that's a bad combination.


Anonymous said...

The nice thing is every time he opens his mouth, he says absolutely nothing of substance, so keep him speaking , he will only embarrass himself, and eventually people will realize he has no direction, no platform. Trudeau is just another lieberal pylon with no original ideas or vision for the country.

Monkey Loves to Fight said...

I think they choose the wrong province to run him in. While Trudeau is still loved by many in Ontario and Atlantic Canada, he isn't exactly well liked in Quebec or Western Canada so associating with his father is probably more of a liability than asset. Here in Toronto off course it would be a big asset, but almost all our ridings are held by the Liberals anyways.

Unknown said...

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