Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Censoring the Net

Have you heard about the recently introduced private members bill C-427?

It's called the "Clean Internet Act" but "Censorship Internet Act" would be more fitting.

This proposed bill would give the federal government sweeping new powers to control the flow of information through cyberspace.

Dr. Michael Geist has more on this bill here.

Now what's really weird about all this, is that Bill C-427 was introduced by Joy Smith, a Conservative MP!

I thought Conservatives were supposed to be about promoting individual freedom.

Mind you, 20 Conservative MPs were also sympathetic to Bill C-257 which would have given dangerous new powers to union bosses.

It just goes to show, that many in the Conservative Party just don't understand conservatism.


VMS_LibertERAian said...

"Conservatism" has only a chance relationshp with any favouring of increased freedom, libertarian would be a better term.


Unknown said...

Conservatives don't have to support anything one way or another to remain Conservatives.

conservatives might believe in smaller government, but they might also believe in social conservative value systems and the government shoving them down your throat.

libertarians are about promoting individual freedom. We need more libertarian Conservative MPs.

Falice Chin said...

Something like this makes me so mad.

Clean internet act? Gag orders? Tory boot camps? War room? What else? What else? Kiss your liberty good bye!

Unknown said...

"Boot camp," especially as a euphamism for "campaign school" and campaign war rooms for elections hardly seem to be something that would impede on liberty in any other way than they result in a government.