Thursday, April 12, 2007

Me in the Globe (Twice)

I have a column in today's Globe and Mail (sorry it's behind a firewall) lamenting the leftward drift of the federal Conservative Party.

My point is simple: conservatives need to pressure Prime Minister Stephen Harper to stick true to his principles, otherwise we might as well elect Liberals.

My column is mentioned in this news article, which also appears in today's Globe.

Media Upate:

I will be on Focus 980 at 11:15 AM EST to discuss my op-ed and Belinda Stronach's departure.

Will also be on CFRA radio at about 1:20 PM EST.


Anonymous said...

Hi Gerry. As a card carrying conservative, I am disappointed with the 2 budgets the cons have delivered aswell. I couldn't bring myself to attend a Jim Flaherty event last night in my riding. Speaking to other cons, the concenus is, "they are winning" budgets. Its all about winning. I feel like I have won nothing. We have a Liberal gov't. Harper does have a hidden agenda, he is a liberal. All the best to you.


George said...

I read your piece in the Globe today, and I am in full agreement with you. Harper is making the same mistakes that led to the PC-Reform split all those years ago.

He should have read Adam Daifallah's excellent book (Rescuing Canada's Right): Adam was quite adamant about the Conservative Party's need to pursue clear conservative policies (such as tax cuts), rather than to try to become a new Liberal party.

At the same time of Harper's most recent budget, Canadians were treated to stories about budgets from other parts of the world where people were given generous tax cuts (including the tax cuts handed out by a leftwing finance minister, Gordon Brown, in the UK).

When Canadians see NDP, Labour, etc. governments hand out tax cuts, they have every right to question Harper's motives behind the budget, which clearly wasn't conservative by any standards.