Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Farewell NCC

This is the hardest postings I have ever had to make.

You see, I am announcing that I no longer work for the National Citizens Coalition.

After 22 years, the NCC and I are going our separate ways.

I am proud of the work I did there over the years, helping to transform it into Canada's top organization for the defence of our economic and political freedoms.

So many battles, so many campaigns.

I am also proud that I always put principle first.

And one of the best things about working for the NCC, was having the chance to meet so many conservatives/libertarians who shared my love of freedom.

Oh well nothing lasts forever I guess.

So it's off to my next challenge.

The fight for freedom must go on.


Anonymous said...


Without you the NCC is nothing. They have no face, no philosophy, and no spirit. They are destined to fail.

As Henry the Eigth said:
"So, now all is gone—Empire, Body and Soul!"

Anonymous said...

Where are you going?

And, a question I have been meaning to ask you - If you are one of Canada's top 5 political minds WHO are the other four?

Thanks for the good fight. It takes lots and lots of baby steps - but hopefully some of those steps will go forward.

Hard to wean 33 million Canadians off of socialism overnight. They are entrenched in entitlement programs.

Best of luck for your future.

Flognuts said...

Back in the day my constant phone calls to interview you on the Merv Lavigne thing really deepened my appreciation of the National Citizens Coalition about which I had previously known nothing. It has been nice to know you over the years . Cheers ! And good hunting!

Gerry Nicholls said...

Thanks flavrflav,and flognuts and Shannon, I don't know where I am going, still digesting the news.

Anonymous said...


I'm sorry to hear you are leaving the NCC. The NCC is stronger today as a result of your work!

All the best with your future endeavours,

Chris Schafer

Gerry Nicholls said...

Thanks Chris, but just to be clear, I am not leaving the NCC from my own choice.

Emilio said...

Why did they let you go then?

Gerry Nicholls said...


No comment!

Dennis (Second Thots) said...

Well, based on public appearances anyway, could it have been because of your vocal public criticisms of a predecessor who now happens to be PM?

When you have the CBC's Keith Boag using your comments to bash Harper, maybe some in your organization didn't like it?

Pure speculation on my part, btw.

Good luck in your future path.

Anonymous said...

"And one of the best things about working for the NCC, was having the chance to meet so many conservatives/libertarians who shared my love of freedom."

Well, conservatives and libertarians will gladly stop by to see you when they are in Toronto because they appreciate your insights, great advice, and frankly because lots of people in your position are pompus individuals who just love to listened to themselves - which you are not! Will bring bagels.

Unknown said...

Gerry, it's their loss. So sorry to hear about this... but we'll definitely stay in touch regardless.

Gerry Nicholls said...

Dennis -- No Comment!

Claire -- looking forward to the bagels.

Matt said...

Very sorry to see you're leaving. In every instance I had the pleasure of seeing you at an event you spoke with intelligence and passion. Best of luck in the future.

Anonymous said...

How many more are there to get rid of in order to dismantle this phony organization?

Not soon enough.

Kirk West said...

Well Gerry,

I can't say this is a total shock to hear! ;-)

I'm extremely disappointed to say the least. It was you in the newspapers, the blogosphere, and on television that gave conservatives the voice they needed and helped make minced meat out of looney leftist logic.

I sincerely doubt your voice will disappear from the poltical landscape, and I look forward to your reincarnation in whatever form that takes.

Brian said...

Very sorry to hear the news. Good luck to you Gerry, and don't be a stranger.

PS are you keeping the blog going?

Anonymous said...

Good. I hope we'll soon seeing the demise of that astro-turf factory and rightwing breeding pond.

WE Speak said...


This is truly disappointing to here, especially considering that this was not by choice. Keep us all informed and by all means keep blogging, you wouldn't want number 6 to overtake you.

Anonymous said...

Best of luck in the future.

Anonymous said...

I think I agree with Dennis that perhaps you have been a little too aggressive in your attacks on Stephen Harper, and less than diligent in advocating for citizens.

I, for one, am not sorry to see you go.

Good luck in your future endeavours.

Flavrflav, if NCC is nothing without Gerry, then NCC is nothing worthwhile anyway. Do you really believe that NCC is nothing more than a personality cult?

Anonymous said...


Is it your belief than abandoning true conservative principles is in the interest of the citizens?

The role of the NCC was to be a watchdog of all government, including the Conservatives.

Gerry never forgot this, and he never pulled a punch.

And yes, without him the NCC is not worth while.

Unknown said...


Apparently you have not become accustomed with the new cool thing to do as a Conservative supporter... that is, care more about the party than the country.

Anonymous said...

Jon, You are so right. Someone thinks more of themselves than they ought. No one person is an organization Life means change, growth and moving on.

Anonymous said...

I'd hate to think that my measured commentary on this blog might have been partly responsible for the NCC's decision...

On the plus side, being fired means you can access EI much more easily than if you had quit. But of course, why would one of the top 5 political minds in Canada need to collect pogey?

Inappropriate jokes and observations aside, I wish you the very best in your future endeavours (please write a book) and I hope you continue blogging - as I am a free-rider hooked on his free daily fix of conservative thought and activism.

Anonymous said...

I guess that even unemployed you will remain "one of the top five political minds in the country". Who are the other four btw?

Anonymous said...

Good riddance to the NCC and everyone associated with it. It's nothing but a breeding ground for greedy, self-serving right-wingers who like to think of ways to sell off Canada to the Americans and who care nothing about the well being of most Canadians. A plague on all your houses.

Joel Johannesen said...

Gerry, all I have is your NCC email addy -- contact me please!

Anonymous said...

Gerry, I too have only your ncc e-mail address and would like to have another one where I can contact you.

Karen Selick

Unknown said...


Please forward your current contact information.

Regards, Steven Salamon

Unknown said...


Please forward your current contact information.

Regards, Steven Salamon
(Display name AT

Unknown said...


Please forward your current contact info.

Regards, Steven Salamon
(display name AT