Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Fearless Election Prediction

Now that the federal election is officially underway it’s time for my fearless prediction.

After surveying the last election results, after studying various trends and polls and after consulting with people wise in the way of politics, I have come to one inescapable conclusion --- the party that wins the next election will be the party that makes the fewest mistakes.

OK that sounds like a cop out, but hear me out.

Since actual issues --- things like health care, Kyoto, taxes --- won’t play much of a part in what promises to be a nasty campaign, everything else will be magnified.

Every gaffe, every stupid comment, every bad photo op will become disproportionately huge as the media, starved of anything else to talk about, will magnify any screw up under its unforgiving microscope.

Does this make for a good election?


But until our political parties start coming up with real visions, and with real ideas, that’s what we are stuck with.

Anybody else have a prediction?


Anonymous said...

Here are some sample Questions the voter will be asking liberal candidates....

1. Do you have any GOLF COURSES, you intend to sell, using napkins as reciepts..?
2. Do you have any buddies needing loans from the taxpayer to buy or renovate any bankrupt hotels..?
3. Once posted to the Netherlands, do you intend to clean-up any money trails, with side-trips to Switzerland..?
4. Given that a Liberal bagman holds the contract,for the cafeteria at RCMP headquarters, has anyone swept said cafeteria for camera's or listening devices..?
5. Are you a socialist, Like Scott Brison, who only claims to be a liberal..?
6. Why are'nt you with the NDP..? Isn't that where your kind of policys belong..?
7. What was your cut from the still missing 40 million dollars..?
8. Where's my cut..?
9. How many more immigrants are needed to give the liberals, majority government for life..?
10. How many entitlements are you entitled to..?
There are many more similar type questions...
Hey Liberals are you starting to get the drift..?

Anonymous said...

Martin cannot deny the link to organized crime.
His 93 election campain was partially
funded by a well know mobster.

And like the gomery inquiry ( he never
gave the money back )

Check out this link

In particular article (6)

(6) Alleged gangster's widow wants money back from MPs

Anonymous said...

Vote is on January 23. Stephen Harper resigns as laeder on JAnuary 30, apologizing for not having a platform. Honest Peter McKay becomes new leader.

Monkey Loves to Fight said...

I agree with anonymous, Stephen Harper will finally resign when he loses the next election. My prediction Lib 136 Con 85 BQ 61 NDP 26