Saturday, November 05, 2005

Brison Eats Crow

Liberal MP Scott Brison has officially apologized for the malicious and false statements he made about the National Citizens Coalition.

See below a letter he emailed me late Friday after I demanded an apology and retraction:

Dear Mr. Nicholls:

Thank you for your letter dated today concerning my statement regardingthe NCC.

I wish to acknowledge that my statement was factually incorrect in two ways:

* I was in error to say that the NCC was charged six times with violations of the Elections Act.

* It was premature to say that there was a contravention ofthe Lobbyist Registration Act. In order to resolve and clarify thenature of these activities, I have asked the Registrar of Lobbyists toinvestigate. I was provided with incorrect information, but I accept responsibilityfor my statements. I regret my errors, and I withdraw those statements categorically.

Please accept my apology.

Sincerely, Scott Brison


Anonymous said...

It is good the NCC took Brison to task for his comments.

The Liberals do this kind of thing, even though they know full well they are lying, to plant a notion in people's heads.

It is much like they did when they asked if people would still vote for the Tories if they were taken over by evangelical Christians.

I beleive they call it "Push Polling".

Look at it this why. Why wouldn't a liberal/socialist hate anyone or anything that promotes freedom and free enterprise.

Good for the NCC for not taking or putting up with this garbage.

I just wish the media would be as energetic in broadcasting Brison apology as they were with his slander.

Anonymous said...

The apology is fine but it should be in the papers and on TV as well, which probably wont happen. Secondly why does this have to be investigated?? The NCC is not a lobby group.
By asking to have this matter clarified, Brison is in fact, putting the good name of the NCC on hold, until he gets his clarification. This could take a while right? So lets say an election is called, the fact that this issue is up for clarification puts Stephen Harper in a bad light during the campaign. Do you get my drift Gerry??

Emilio said...

I think the only way to fight the Liberals in the next election is to simply destroy that party and kick it in the face while it is down. I can't believe these pathetic accusations from Mr. Brison, mr. turncoat pansy ass. It just shows how the next election will be fought. I hope Harper's team is ready to battle it out cause the Liberals won't go down without waging the dirtiest campaign they can. Sorta like George Bush's campaign last year and the swift boat ads.

Emilio said...

Thanks for your work for Canada Gerry. By the way, do you know Stephen Harper personally? Did you work with him when he was presidnet of the NCC?

Anonymous said...

Watching Brison, it is could that he left for the Liberals.

A person with that much credibility belongs with them.

Harper want to bring a credible accountable gov't to Canadians.

I can't think of better way, than to purge oneself's party of people like Brison, and Belinda Stronach. Unaccountable, discredited turncoats if I ever did see it.

Those two fit right in with the Liberals. Nothing they say can be taken at face value. Brison provided living proof of that.

Anonymous said...

Gerry, FYI, Below is the copy of an email i sent to CTV today.
Joe Molnar

Attention Newsroom:
Will CTV be running a correction as regards to the Scott Brison charge that Stephen Harper was a lobbyist while ay NCC?
From all accounts NCC is an advocacy organization and not lobbyist.
Also the gag law issue with NCC appeared to be misstated as well, by Brison.
Are Canadians being misadvised by CTV's news coverage?
Just wondering.
Joseph Molnar
Woodstock, ont.

Anonymous said...

Good one, Gerry! (Does dealing with stuff like this make you feel unclean-like you wanna take a bath?) While having a scrub in the tub, howzabout some background music:
'These boots are made for walking, and that's just what they'll do.
One of these days thes boots are gonna walk all over you.
-Nancy Sinatra

Anonymous said...

I have to say though that this "apology" seems to hold hidden messages as well. For example, "I was in error to say the the NCC was charged six times with violations of the elections act" is he saying "I should have said Five" a true apology would have been "I was in error to say that the NCC was at any time charged with violations of the elections act, in spirit or letter." Further tosay that something is premature like he does in the second part of his "apology" implies that he's going to try to throw a horse shoe around your necks framing you guys with the spurious charge of illegal lobbying. This is in no way a real or sincere apology, the man is deliberatly obfuscating his words here and couching them in such a way as to be able to go back on them with great ease. But I guess this is what you get from a liberal politician these days. My advice is to write back a statement saying that you appreciate the spirit in which his apology was written but that as some of the areas of the apology itself as a trifle ambiguous you would like some clarification written down or satisfaction should be sought, this can be either on the lawn at dawn or in the courts his choice.

Anonymous said...

What we're seeing are desperate measures by Brison. He can't win with common sense debate on the ethics issue so he(like his fellow Libranos) goes for the jugular and gets personal.

Anonymous said...

I'll second it Gerry.

Get a public apology in the mainstream media from Brison, PrimeTime or sue his a$$ off

Mark, Ottawa said...

Scott Brison is a premature verbal ejaculator.

Brison's lies are the sort of act that in a self-respecting democracy would lead to his resignation or firing.

Place your bets.


Anonymous said...

Clearly, having power is more important than having respect to these slimebags in the LPC. Machiavellian to their core, I would not put it past them to deliberately smear/apologize. Of course the apology will never see the light of day in the MSM. As a voter, I am more than satisfied that they are amoral. Not that my particular vote counts all that much, but I am making great effort to ensure that my children understand fully the nature of the LPC cloven-hooved beast.

They are shameful and disgusting. At the end of the day, though, they don't really care what I think, as long as they still have control over the ocean of money they have been hijacking from the Canadian public ever since Trudeau set about to destroy this once fine country.

Candace said...

I agree that you should demand a public and clear apology, including the phrase "cleared of any charges" or "charges dropped" or whatever.

Perhaps you could post a copy of whatever letter NCC received dropping all charges? Then we could all link to it.

Anonymous said...

Daryl Haaland has it right. You received nothing more than a half baked threat that he will use whatever resources he has available to him as a minister of the reichstag. Just like Chretien and his "black book" on Conservative interrogators in the Commons. Do not fool yourself into believing these power mongers will EVER show any remorse, guilt, pity, heart. Know thy enemy.

Anonymous said...

Not so fast. The Liberal Party of Canuckistan has it on their website that they are pursuing the matter against Prime Minister Harper's through their paid lacky handling the Lobbying Act. Fire up the lawyers.

Mark, Ottawa said...

I wonder if Taber or "Chuckles" Duffy will mention this on CTV "Question Period" today.


Anonymous said...

Good one!!!

Brison maliciously slanders people and then says we should maintain civility in the Commons???????????

Another hypocrite that "Twiggy Boy" Brison.