Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Three out of Ten

Back at the beginning of the month I posted the ten candidates I most wanted to see lose on Election Day.

Here’s the list:

Svend Robinson

Sid Ryan

Bonnie Brown

Michael Ignatieff

Ralph Goodale

Scott Brison

Jean Lapierre

Anne McLellan

Belinda Stronach

Olivia Chow

Out of that list only three actually were defeated: McLellan, Robinson and Ryan.

So do you think I’m disappointed?

Not really. I mean that’s a three out of 10, that’s a .300 average.

If I were a baseball payer a batting average like that would get me into the Hall of Fame.

Oh who am I kidding? I am bitter. Very bitter.

How in the heck did Stronach get re-elected?!! What were the voters thinking? Jeesh.

OK rant over.


Miles Lunn said...

Bonnie Brown almost got defeated, when she won by 17 points last time around. The Tories did thought take the neighbouring ridings of Halton and Burlington.

william said...

In Belinda's riding there were almost 7200 more voters than in 2004, and almost all of them, 5500 voted for Belinda.
Methinks there should be some kind of investigation..!!

Clearcut Blogging said...

Nah, Belinda looked surprised. She looked really, really surprised.

She's on some kind of lucky streak.