Saturday, January 21, 2006

Globe Tries to Poll Vault Liberals

In yesterday’s Globe and Mail the headline roared: “Harper’s Lead Takes Hit”

And indeed Harper did take a hit --- according to the Globe’s own poll which said the Tories went from 41 percent support to 37 percent, while the Liberals jumped from 25 to 28.

The Globe even helpfully explained why this tightening had occurred. It seems, explained the paper’s reporters, that Harper’s comments about the Supreme Court had spooked Ontarians.


Well they couldn’t have been all that spooked because today the Globe poll reports the Tories have gained a point and now lead the Liberals by 10 points.

So you would think today’s headline would read, “Tories Widen Gap” or “Harper Regains Momentum”.


Indeed, this latest development is buried in their election coverage and actually given a Liberal spin: “The Liberal freefall seems to have abated.”

Yeah. Freefalls usually abate when you hit the ground.

To get more on the Globe’s wonky election reporting check out Andrew Coyne’s excellent site.

As for me, if the Tories win the election on Monday, I hope to see this headline on Tuesday: “Globe’s Credibility Takes Hit”.


Ed Hardison said...

The Globe lied .
I find the editors [ spin doctors ] of the Globe to be so far left wing ...and their readers ...that you can usually forecast their daily poll results before voting .
Anti USA, anti conservative , big government , bleeding hearts who are for the accused not the victims .Predictable and sad in a land that does not exist outside the GTA.
A stange lot .

Anonymous said...

You are childish,actually silly considering your position. Maybe (if this organization is the one Stephen Harper successfully lead) I will change my God given independence of thought on election day.

Miles Lunn said...

I think there was a rogue poll a few days earlier that showed the Tories 18 points ahead and once that was removed from the rolling poll, they returned to the levels of every other poll.

drvsvs said...

Rogue poll? must be that vast right wing conspiracy