Monday, January 23, 2006

Ten Things I learned During this Election

1. Having an election during Christmas wasn’t all that aggravating, or at least no more aggravating than having an election any other time of the year.

2. NDP leader Jack Layton is against private health care unless he’s the one using private health care.

3. Former CEO and former fiscal hawk Prime Minister Paul Martin is really a progressive, working class hero who likes to wear leather jackets.

4. Union boss Buzz Hargrove is a great asset politically, as long as he’s working for your opponent.

5. Paul Martin and Gilles Duceppe have at least one thing in common: They both think Calgary is a scary place.

6. Anybody who is against same-sex marriage and abortion is an “ultra conservative” and an “extreme right winger”. And here most of us thought the late Pope John Paul II was a nice guy.

7. The National Citizens Coalition is a secret society. In fact, it’s so secret they forgot to tell me it’s a secret society.

8. Whenever Canadians get extra cash they will rush out and buy popcorn and beer.

9. Public opinion polls during elections will be confusing 19 out of 20 times.

10. Nobody should ever let Paul Martin close to musical instruments.


Ed Hardison said...

#11.] It is not smart to trade in an older, wiser , Liberal woman [ Sheila Copps ] on a younger , trophy lady [ Beninda Stonach .The results can be a disaster.

Ed Hardison said...

sorry, that indeed in Stronach !

Miles Lunn said...

1. I thought the idea of a Christmas election being aggrevating was stupid. I will always vote no matter what time of year.

2. Jack Layton is somewhat of a hypocrit although Shouldice Hospital is privately delivered, but publicly funded. Besides he even admitted that he would only cut off funding to private clinics, not shut them down, so somewhat of an improvement

3. Paul Martin is still a fiscal hawk, but knows NDP votes are softer than Conservative votes which is why he is running on a left wing agenda

4. Yeah Buzz Hargrove is an idiot.

5. I don't really care what Gilles Duceppe thinks of Calgary since I don't support his separtist agenda. Paul Martin I think meant the Calgary School, vs the city of Calgary so a big difference here. The Calgary School is where Stephen Harper comes from and they are a group of right wing neo-conservatives, mostly American born.

6. Opposing same-sex marriage and abortion is not extreme right wing, but opposing the Charter of Rights and Freedoms is. Churches are not affected by the same-sex marriage legislation so the pope can oppose it all he wants.

7. The National Citizen's Coalition is secret in the sense its membership get very little input in its direction and it doesn't reveal its donors list.

8. Dumb statement, although a few would, but not the responsible ones.

9. Public opinion polls have been reasonably consistent, Tories 36-38%, Liberals 27-30%, and NDP 17-21%. The regional numbers tend to be more varied due to smaller samples.

10. That was actually a funny one with the guitar.

Sheryl S said...

In regard to Mr Martin's adventure with the guitar. The one thing that won't be said to him now is "not to give up his day job" Perhaps he was already thinking of a new career move.

Anonymous said...

You are a class act Gerry. If a person doesn't see the world your way then they deserve your ridicule.

I learned that HArper is a devious bastard when it comes to campaigning and attack ads. He very effectively called every Liberal in the country a liar cheat thief and crook and then bleated that Liberals were mean for their attack ads. If Harper had not been quite so devious he could have acheived so much more. Instaed he gets a very weak minority that won't last 18 months.