Sunday, January 15, 2006

McQuaig Smears NCC

A little while ago I predicted the increasingly frightened and desperate political left wing would try and demonize the National Citizens Coalition, as a way of attacking our former president --- Stephen Harper.

Well it has started.

In the Sunday edition of the Toronto Star, weedy leftist Linda McQuaig, aims her poison pen at the NCC.

Writes McQuaig of Harper: “One of his few ‘outside’ jobs, from 1998 to 2002, was heading the National Citizens Coalition, a lobby group founded in the 1960s by a wealthy businessman Colin Brown, expressly for the purpose of preventing the establishment of public health care in Canada.”

Ohh scary eh kids. Or is it?

Colin Brown started the NCC expressly for the purpose of protecting Canada’s values, traditions and freedoms.

Colin opposed high taxes, he opposed budget busting spending, he opposed the ever expanding growth of big government.

So he set up the NCC to give a voice to Canadians who shared his values and principles.

And yes, back in 1968 he believed giving the government a monopoly on health care was a bad idea. He thought it would lead to a costly and inefficient health care system that just wouldn’t work in the long run.

Sorry Linda, it turns out Colin was right, just ask the Supreme Court of Canada which ruled recently that Quebec must permit a private health alternative to the public system.

I wonder if McQuaig thinks the Supreme Court is part of some NCC right wing conspiracy?

Oh and McQuaig also attacks the NCC for opposing election gag laws. “Another pet cause of the NCC,” she writes “has been fighting laws aimed at restricting the power of corporations to influence election outcomes through advertising.”

Yes the NCC fights gag laws. Unlike McQuaig, we believe in free election speech. We believe everyone – not just politicians -- should have the right to express a political opinion. Elections, we believe, should be a free market place of competing ideas.

The fact that McQuaig and other left wingers think free speech is scary says more about them then it does about us.

And the fact, that the NCC is becoming the focus of left wing attacks also says something else: We are good at what we do!


Miles Lunn said...

I wouldn't worry about Linda McQuaig, she is pretty left wing so has little credibility. She probably votes NDP anyways, which can only be a good thing for the Tories. I did vote Liberal,in the advanced polls simply due to the fear of social conservatism that runs rampant in the party, but if the Conservatives don't adopt any socially conservative policies, I will consider going Conservative next time around.

Ed Hardison said...

Linda McQuaig has been discredited on several occasions ....few notice her ramblings or give them much credence .
We have been long time supporters of the NCC and will continue .
Colin Brown is a Canadian hero.
The Gag Law is not in the best interest of Canadians or good government .
I voted Conservative and fully believe that Stephen Harper [ a good and honourable man ] will make an excellent Prime Minister .

Anonymous said...

The Star must be where Belinda got her notes re: Stephen Harper's sorted past with the NCC as she displayed on Question Period today.

Clinton P. Desveaux said...

The big problem we have right now is not Linda McQuaig, as much I as dislike her. The problem we have right now is finding someone will fight for Liberty in Ottawa. To paraphrase someone who convinced me to get involved in "the system" back in Dartmouth Nova Scotia in 1990, "I'm not happy with the options in Ottawa". Well right now, I'm not happy with my options in Ottawa either.

drvsvs said...

A left wing rant from the Toronto Star? What a surprise. Neo-Libs are all for free speech as long as you agree with them.